Fast as the wind.

All of our bots are hosted on a premium cloud environment and make use of the SSD to the fullest. Enabling them to process trade offers in a snap. Each bot instance has its own dedicated resources.

Setup within seconds.

After we have received your payment, your bot is instantly setup and ready to use. A friend request will be sent to you, make sure to accept this in order to receive important notifications and send chat commands.

Endless customization.

Customize every bit of your bot to make it truly unique. From the name, profile description and the game its playing to custom chat messages and commands and much more!

Specifically for Team Fortress 2.

Our bots are specifically made for trading Team Fortress 2 items. Not only are they able to trade, but they are also able to craft metal so your customers will always have change. In addition, we also keep track of the current Mann Co. Supply Crate Key by analyzing the market's supply & demand. You can use this automatic key value in your bot, so you will never get less metal when keys are dropping. All bots have a guaranteed backpack space of 800 slots, additional slots can be added upon request.
Other games and Steam items compatibility coming soon!

A bot that listens to you.

Yeah! We mean it, you are the boss now. You can control your bot from literally anywhere: through our robust control panel on your desktop or even on your mobile phone or through the Steam chat when you need to make some quick changes. You can even use the REST API to communicate with your bot.

Integrated anti-fraud.

Thanks to the great service is offering, we can integrate their fraud prevention service into our bots. We make sure that the bots do some background checks first before they accept the trade. This is for your own safety, since trading with scammers is prohibited and is bannable. All private profiles are unable to trade with the bots as well.

Self-recovery mechanism.

If your bot ever fails for whatever reason, it will restart itself and get back to work where it left off. Our engineers will get notified immediately and make sure that this will not happen again, by start working on a patch.

We love encryption.

Oh man, we love it so much that pretty much everything is encrypted. Do you see that HTTPS in your URL-bar? We are aware that your data is valuable and we do everything we can to keep it safe. Additionally, we never store passwords and payment information on our servers, these are all handled by trusted third-parties, such as Steam, Stripe and PayPal.

Instant notifications.

Oh no, the bot does not have any stock left! Some people like to stay up-to-date at all times, for those we send out notifications to your Steam account, Discord and even Pushbullet. Through the control panel you can configure what notifications you would like to receive and where. For the developers out there, we also offer webhooks!

Automatically price your items.

Too lazy to update all prices manually? You can use the autopricer to update the prices for all your listings automatically with a click on the button.

Full list of features.
In no particular order.

  • 14 days money back guarantee
  • Hosted on premium cloud servers
  • SSD and 1 Gbit/s connection
  • Instant setup after payment
  • Fully managed
  • Two-factor authentication for added security
  • Automatic Mann Co. Supply Crate Key value
  • 800 (or more) free backpack slots
  • Online webbased control panel
  • Extensive statistics
  • integration
  • Self-recovery mechanism
  • 100% SSL
  • Notifications via Steam, Discord and Pushbullet
  • Webhooks
  • Well-written API documentation
  • Accept donations / overpay / escrow trades or disallow them
  • Sell specific items in the bot's backpack
  • Buy specific items
  • Automatically invite users to your Steam group after a successful trade
  • Trade offer feedback for the users (the bot will explain why their tradeoffer was declined)
  • Customize the name of the game the bot is "playing"
  • User-friendly deposit and withdrawal system
  • TF2 item banking
  • Scrap banking
  • Automatic renewal (disabled by default)
  • Automatic restocking
  • Automatic metal crafting
  • Automatically crafts unique weapons into metal
  • Automatic listing manager
  • Multiple bots on one account
  • Prepaid credit
  • Referrals
  • Full trade offer history log
  • Full activity log
  • Ability to modify the bot's Steam profile through the control panel
  • Access to the bot's account
  • Chat commands
  • Priority support, response within 24 hours on business days
  • Live chat support (not via Steam chat)
  • Autopricer (see pricing for more information)
  • Block users from trading with your bot
  • Unusual duplication check New!
  • Automatic trade offer correction using counter offers New!
  • Auto-bump your listings every 30 minutes on New!

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