When ordering on Bot.tf you acknowledge that you have read and accept the following rules:

General rules

  • If your Steam account is marked or banned on a third-party website (SteamRep, backpack.tf etc.) while having a bot active, your bot will be terminated and we will start an investigation on your items. In this investigation we are going through all your items whether they were scammed or not, if an item has been found to be scammed, Bot.tf will try to return the item to the rightful owner. Any other items will be returned to you after your ban has been lifted, the items will be lost after 90 days. In general you will also lose your right for a refund.
  • When cancelling your bot or requesting a refund, you have seven (7) days to withdraw all your items. If your items are not withdrawn within this timeframe, your items will be lost.
  • Any chargeback will result in an immediate account suspension, all services will be terminated and all deposited items will be lost. We will also file a fraud report to SteamRep.com.
  • Aiding/advertising gambling websites of any kind using our service is strictly prohibited. Doing so will get your account suspended.
  • Bot.tf reserves the right to suspend you for any reason and for any amount of time.
  • Bot.tf is not responsible for any loss of items by misconfiguration of the bot by the user.

Bot rules

  • You may not exploit any errors, bugs or glitches or use them to your advantage.
  • You may not insult other people based on their religion, race, sex, political beliefs or sexual orientation.
  • You may not post harmful content
    • Seizure inducing, flashing, offensive, sexual or otherwise disturbing images are not allowed, this includes but is not limited to optical illusions and images containing regular changes in colour and/or contrast.
    • Links to phising sites.
    • Links to other harmful content, such as trojans and/or viruses of any kind.
  • You may not post any pornographic content.
  • You may not send "random" trade offers to users requesting items from them.

Note: This is not a complete list of all the rules, cases not stated here are at the discretion of our staff.

Changes to our rules
We may update the rules by posting a new version on this website.
You should check this page occasionally to ensure you are familiar with any changes.

If there are any questions regarding these rules you may contact us.

Last updated 2nd June 2018