Steam Trading Bot$ 9.99/mo. Discounts are available when ordering for 3 or more months.
Or 7 Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys/mo (7 keys when pre-ordering).
UPGRADE: Steam items
Coming soon!
$ 7.99/mo. per bot
This upgrade allows your bot to trade Steam trading cards and Steam gifts.
[TF2] Backpack slots800 free
Backpack Expanders can be purchased from the Supply store
or added manually by depositing them.
Priority supportIncluded
API usageIncluded
Your application must be approved before you can make use of our API.

We also offer custom made websites for your bots and custom domainnames. These prices can vary depending on your preferences. Please open a support ticket to request this.

Free 3 day trial

Due to the high demand we are unable to offer any free trials any time soon!

You may request a free 3 day trial to try out our services. Simply contact us and we'll make sure it happens! Stock is limited!


For every new user you refer, you will be rewarded with $ 2.50 when they first rent a bot for at least 1 month, this will be added to your prepaid credit on your account. You can use your prepaid credit to purchase or renew bots and purchase items (such as Refined Metal and Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys).

Get your bot today for just $ 9.99/mo.