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Steam Trading Bot$ 9.99/mo. Discounts are available when ordering for 3 or more months.
Or 7 Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys/mo (12 keys when pre-ordering).
[TF2] Backpack slotsAt least 800 free
Backpack Expanders can be purchased from the Supply store
or added manually by depositing them.
[TF2] Autopricing$ 0.75/time or 3 autoprice charges per Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
(heavy discounts available when ordering more at a time).
Priority supportIncluded
API usageIncluded
Your application must be approved before you can make use of our API.

Free 3 day trial

Due to the high demand we are unable to offer any free trials any time soon!

You may request a free 3 day trial to try out our services. Simply contact us and we'll make sure it happens! Stock is limited!


For every new user you refer, you will be rewarded with $ 2.50 when they first rent a bot for at least 1 month, this will be added to your prepaid credit on your account.

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